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CLTAC Tactical Wallet

Brand Comp Lyfe
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The Comp Lyfe Tactical Wallet

Introducing the 1st wallet from Comp Lyfe Tactical!

Our wallet features a floating middle tray that holds up to 5 credit cards & cash with a custom made spring for pressure. The skull logo on the top acts as a money clip, and it can also be used to clip on a belt. If you take the skull clip off and just leave the spring you can fit over 3 times the amount of cash and cards. This skull logo is held in place with two titanium Battle Deck screws. The wallets are serialized.

NOTE: Cerakoted Aluminum (made from 7075 aluminum). Cerakoted in two separate colors to give it a battle worn camo look. After time, more red will start to show through as the wallet wears.

Dimensions: width 2.5in x length 3.8in


Disclaimer: Wallet will withstand normal wear and tear, but a sharp object may leave a scratch on the cerakoting/Anodizing after time. 1 Year Mechanical Warranty. Covers manufactured parts only. Does not include scratches or normal wear and tear. 

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