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HK DAY 2021 EXCLUSIVE | 18650

Brand Comp Lyfe

Our annual HK Day release is here! It's our first time etching 11 (yes, 11 šŸ˜³) logos on a tube... one of them being the all new HK Day 2021 logo. Spoiler alert, it's also the logo etched on the button. šŸ˜‰

Only 50 of these brass 18650 tubes were created, andĀ once they're gone... they're gone.Ā 

Best of luck, and thank you for supporting our annual HK Day event! šŸ’€

Some of the logos on the tube are 3D etched- some large, some small. This design, and the price point it holds, might not be for everyone. All items from our 2021 HK Day sale will ship June 1st.

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