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Brand Comp Lyfe
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HK Mini Mod | 18350

Manufacturer Recommendations
  • Batteries: We recommend the Black+Yellow Aspire 18350 15 AMP 1300 MAH batteries. Available through our site HERE.
  • Build: We recommend 28g dual parallels, 6 wraps around a 3mm diameter.
  • Resistance: The range to stay within is a 0.25 to a 0.35 ohm build.


HK DoubleDouble | 18650

Bringing the notorious HK mod style to our stackable tubes!
Stack these tubes on the bottom of your Comp Lyfe mod to vape in series configuration! A DoubleDouble Contact will be included with the tube to be used in-between your batteries during use. Screw your housing on last to complete your stacked set up!

When using a Double Double with a DDiesel, you will need to put the Double Double Contact on the top of your battery (under the 510). Lastly screw your housing on the tube to complete your DoubleDouble set up!

HK Mod | 18650

 Comp Lyfe's debut mod to break into the scene! With it's gorgeous smooth & sleek design from top to bottom, this mod is one that makes a reoccurring appearance with new variations! Beveled ventilation is placed just below the crown of the tube. Batteries need to be used with the positive up towards the vent holes.

HK Mod | 21700

 The HK is back at it again! Only this time it's with some new looks, and a bigger size to now fit 21700 batteries!!! Introducing 3 new HK designs on the initial release (Vegas Edition, Skull Edition, and the X-OUT) only two of which are a limited run. (Skull Edition and the X-OUT) You can use our DoubleDouble contacts to utilize these battery sizes as well, such as: 18650-20650-20700-21700

Recommended battery: Samsung 30T


Comp Lyfe Limited Lifetime Warranty: Applies to manufacturers defects only. This does not include normal wear and tear, cross-threading, broken magnets, abuse, loss or theft. If you have a question about our warranty policy (or you need to submit a claim) please email Cloned Comp Lyfe items are not valid under warranty. Please do not post on social media if you have an issue and expect your problem to be solved immediately. Refer to the bottom of our website for more information. Manufactured in the United States.

*Color patterns on anodized mods may vary slightly.

All HK mods from the 50% off HK Sale (5/31-6/02) will include the corresponding COA and be packaged in mini mod packaging.