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New! Rhodium & Rose Gold [Tubes + Accessories]

Brand Comp Lyfe
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    Rhodium Houston
    • Rhodium Houston
    • Rhodium sawblade button housing
    • Rhodium Collector Series button
    Rose Gold H20:
    • Rose Gold H20
    • Rose gold sawblade button housing
    • Rose gold Collectors Series button
    Rhodium Stealth:
    • Rhodium Stealth
    • Rhodium sawblade button housing
    • Rhodium Collectors Series button
        Rhodium Button:
        • Collectors series button plated in rhodium
        Rhodium Battle Cap S Back2Back (Bearded Skull):
        • Rhodium plated Battle Cap S
        • Bearded skull on one side
        • Standard etching on other side
        *** All tubes come with copper short throw contact *** 
          Rhodium DDiesel Sawblade


            DO NOT clean plated items with a polishing compound or with a Comp Cloth/Lyfe Rag. This WILL remove the plating.

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