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Comp Lyfe Mod Collection Warranty



DoubleDouble Warranty


M E T A L S  +  F I N I S H E S

  • Bare Aluminum: If you use any type of acidic or cinnamon based e-liquid, it may begin to eat away at the bare aluminum. Our warranty will not cover your device/cap/accessory if you choose to use these types of e-liquids. 
  • Heat-Treating: According to the build you're using (anything around a 0.1 or lower) the heat of the build may change the colors of the heat-treating. Do not clean heat-treated items with a lyfe rag, comp cloth or any other abrasive material as they can remove/fade the heat-treated design. Only clean these items with hot water and a microfiber cloth. Color changes in heat-treated items are not covered under our warranty. Not all heat-treated items will be identical. If you would like a specific color/design, please specify it on the notes section of the cart screen.
  • Anodized Titanium: Not all anodized titanium mods, caps, drip tips, spinners, wallets, etc will look identical. These items are created one-by-one in order to have an extremely unique looking product. To bring out the colors, we recommend you use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to clean the item and make the colors stand out. Do not clean anodized items with a lyfe rag, comp cloth or any other abrasive material as they can remove/fade the anodizing. All anodized titanium mods come with either a full brass, full copper, or matte black (copper button) housing assembly. Please refer to the Stainless Steel + Titanium Items section below for more information.
  • Stainless Steel + Titanium Items: Depending on your body, mods and housings made from Stainless Steel and Titanium do have the ability to lightly shock you or give you a slight hot button. If this occurs, we are more than happy to exchange your stainless/titanium housing and button for a housing and button made of either brass or copper (contact + magnets not included as you will already have these items from your initial assembly). By replacing the housing + button with either brass or copper, it will significantly increase the performance of the mod (stainless and titanium aren't exactly known for their fantastic conductivity). This will also eliminate the possibility of receiving a shock/hot button during use with sub-ohm builds. Please email info@complyfe.com if you would like more information or to exchange your housing.
  • Plated Items (Rhodium + Rose Gold): Plated mods, caps, drip tips and accessories should all be handled with the utmost amount of care. These items are not for everyday use. Constant and continued use may cause the plating to fade over time. Treat these items as you would jewelry. Plated items should never be cleaned with a lyfe rag, comp cloth or any other abrasive material. Cleaning your rhodium or rose gold plated item with one of these materials will fade and eventually remove the plating. These items should only be cleaned/polished with a gold polishing cloth (rose gold items) or a silver polishing cloth (rhodium items). If you clean your plated item with any sort of abrasive material it is not covered by our warranty.


M I S C E L L A N E O U S   I T E M S

  • Magnets: We assemble all housings upon orders being placed. It would be impossible to assemble a housing if one (or especially both) of the magnets were broken. All magnets are fully intact and free from any cracks or breaks when they depart our warehouse. Rare earth magnets have a strong magnetic pull. If you aren't careful, the force of the magnets can easily snap together and potentially break. Please handle these magnets with care and use caution when disassembling/reassembling one of our housings. Magnets are not covered by our warranty.
  • Titanium Screws: Titanium is one of the strongest metals to manufacture a screw out of. Even though our screws have a large area to put a large screwdriver, we recommend you use a small screwdriver to avoid breaking the screw. With that being said, if you use a large screwdriver and break the screw- this is not covered by our manufacturers warranty (under intense pressure- any metal screw would break). Also, the bottom screw of our Battle Decks (made of either silver, copper, or stainless steel depending on the version you purchase) is supposed to fit snug- not tightened down with a screwdriver. The screw is not meant to be flush, it's meant to protrude out for safety. If you break this screw, it is not covered under our warranty either.



We strive for 100% customer satisfaction at Comp Lyfe, LLC. All returns and exchanges are subject to case by case exceptions, and the ability to return or exchange a product is granted only due to a manufacturers defect. All return and exchange inquiries must be handled within 30 days of receiving your package (per tracking number). Items damaged by miss-use or improper care are not covered by our policy. Please call 877-751-COMP or email info@complyfe.com for any return/exchange inquiries.

If you are granted a return/exchange, please do the following:

Securely pack your merchandise in a box or envelope of your choice (you may also use the original package if possible). Please include your name, contact information, order number, and a short note with the issue you're experiencing.

Mail your online returns to the following address:
(Please use a carrier service that provides tracking)

Comp Lyfe, LLC
100 Luke Carver Drive
Jasper GA 30143

Questions about any of the above? Call us at 877-751-COMP or send an email to info@complyfe.com.