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H2o | Tube + Caps

Brand Comp Lyfe
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 every tube will be sold with 2 random colored LED bulbs!


The Comp Lyfe H2o | 18650

  • Uniquely machined 24mm tube
  • Fixed 510 hybrid top machined for enhanced conductivity
  • 4 vent holes
  • Recessed button will rest on the housing instead of the bottom
  • Peak insulator for battery safety
  • Button uses magnets option to upgrade to other magnet strengths
  • All tubes come with an authenticity card and a Comp Lyfe Bag. Bag colors are chosen at random.

The Comp Lyfe H2o Cap

  • Uniquely machined 22mm cap, made to be used with all 20mm Battle Decks (2post + 3post)
  • Sits flush with all Comp Lyfe H2o tubes
  • Not compatible with the BD#24 deck

______ ______ ______

Copper | 18650 (see description)

These copper H2o's appear flawless, but they didn't quite pass our QC standards. They have a very faint blemish either on the tube or near the 510.

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