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DDiesel + DoubleDouble Devices

Brand Comp Lyfe
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DoubleDouble Product Features:

  • 25mm extendo tube that allows you to add an additional 18650 battery to your Comp Lyfe tube.
  • You only need ONE Comp Lyfe tube to make the DoubleDouble Extension function.
  • All DoubleDoubles come with 1 DoubleDouble extension tube + 1 DoubleDouble donut contact to connect the batteries.

DDiesel Hybrid Top Product Features

  • Use the DDiesel Top + DoubleDouble + 1 DD Donut contact to convert your DoubleDouble into a single tube (button housing sold separately). Spare Donut contacts are NOT included with the purchase of a DDiesel top (you should already have a donut contact from the purchase of your DoubleDouble).


>>> Step 1: Tighten deck onto DDiesel, set aside.

>>> Step 2: Thread button housing onto DoubleDouble device, then insert battery- positive side up.

>>> Step 3: Place DoubleDouble Contact on TOP of battery.

>>> Step 4: Tighten DDiesel top onto DoubleDouble and adjust housing for battery rattle.

For more information, view the instructional video on this listing. 

Choice of: Brass, Matte Black, Murdered Out, Smooth, and Diamond knurl.

DoubleDouble Donut Contact Product Features:

Delrin insulator press-fit with a copper contact specially made for the DoubleDouble Extension Tubes.

  • For use in a standard DoubleDouble stacked setup, place contact in between your two batteries.
  • For use with DDiesel Hybrid Top, place contact directly between DDiesel top and battery. 

    Comp Lyfe Limited Lifetime Warranty: Applies to manufacturers defects only. This does not include normal wear and tear, cross-threading, broken magnets, abuse, loss or theft. If you have a question about our warranty policy (or you need to submit a claim) please email info@complyfe.com. Cloned Comp Lyfe items are not valid under warranty. Please do not post on social media if you have an issue and expect your problem to be solved immediately. Refer to the bottom of our website for more information. Use this item at your own risk. Comp Lyfe LLC will not be held responsible for any misuse, damage or injury due to the operation of this item. Please research this device prior to operating. NOTE: the tube you own must have perfect threads. If you've ever slightly started to thread your button housing in a little off, this may cause the DoubleDouble to not screw on properly. The DoubleDouble is made to fit much tighter for enhanced conductivity. If you have an issue, please email info@complyfe.com.

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